3D Designs while watching American Pickers

For all you 3D geeks out there, here is an amazing website that will allow any beginner to start building things in 3D form.  Great for 3D printers and anyone looking to dip there hands into an easy to use CAD style program.  I have tried numerous times to build something cool to share with Read more about 3D Designs while watching American Pickers[…]

Now Direct Mail is dead?

No direct mail is not dead, like I said in my post from yesterday everyone likes to proclaim that something in print is dead when they don’t find it useful or relevant anymore. Interesting fact I learned reading the below article, a study done by the Direct Marketing Association found that the response rate for Read more about Now Direct Mail is dead?[…]

Security is definitely increasing

Varying colors depending on how you bend the new One Hundred dollar bill.  This is just one of the amazing new security features that had to be made to keep counterfeiters at bay on America’s most treasured note. My favorite has to be the 650,000 micro lenses that make up the swinging liberty bells.  All Read more about Security is definitely increasing[…]

Print is dead?

The thought that print is dead or is slowing going away has been floated for several years now. A few years ago when the recession hit many companies and marketing departments started steering away from print. The reason? Digital marketing was much more cost-effective, exposure was quicker and convenience. As this move was made everyone Read more about Print is dead?[…]

Print 13 at McCormick Place in Chicago

If you haven’t been to Graph Expo or this year Print 13, I would highly recommend that you spend a few hours checking it out. Print 13 provides the latest innovation and exhibition of Digital, Offset, Flexo and Hybrid technologies, products and services for the Commercial, Transactional, Converting and Package Printing, Publishing, Mailing, In-Plant, Photo Imaging Read more about Print 13 at McCormick Place in Chicago[…]

The printing industry is one of the biggest industries in the world!

Who knew? Let me outline some facts to help you understand why print is one of the biggest industries in the world. First off the printing industry is a $640 billion dollar industry and drives over $3.8 trillion in related services. To give you a comparison the auto industry is at $432 billion and the Read more about The printing industry is one of the biggest industries in the world![…]