The printing industry is one of the biggest industries in the world!

Who knew? Let me outline some facts to help you understand why print is one of the biggest industries in the world. First off the printing industry is a $640 billion dollar industry and drives over $3.8 trillion in related services. To give you a comparison the auto industry is at $432 billion and the music industry is at $67 billion. Whoever decided that print was dead or at least on the decline clearly did not look at the overall industry.

Sure print has taken a different role today, but that’s the great thing about the print industry it is every changing and always knows how to evolve. For example, as marketers use more data today and look for ways to produce 1 to 1 communications the print industry responded with high-speed digital inkjet presses and high-speed digital inkjet heads to make each piece variable. Instead of waiting for digital marketing to take over print found a way to stay relevant . I don’t know about you and maybe it’s because of my passion for print, but I look forward to opening my mailbox each day to see what I received. Honestly I don’t feel the same way about my email inbox its more of a chore than anything.

Let me leave you with one final fact about the print industry. Over 40 trillion pages are produced annually. Yes, that’s right TRILLION. For people concerned about the environment there are more forests in the U.S. today then 50 years ago.

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