Why Printing?

Why Printing? There are a million reasons I was drawn and am still sucked into everything print.  For starters, theres this:

cmyk dot pattern, four color print raster, vector

How cool is that?!  Thats 4 color process print at its finest and when zoomed into this level or beyond, you truly do get a scope for how technical printing must be.

Manufacturing of any kind interests me, but right away I was amazed at how intricate and detailed a printing press must be.  To hold the precision of these small dots – millions of times over – is what really blew my mind in the early print years.

Print is surrounding us everywhere.  The floors we walk on, the retail windows we look out of, the buses and trains we ride, the receipt at the checkout of the grocery store, the pen on your desk, the golf ball you hit this weekend…It’s all print. print Print PRINT!  So many applications.  So many uses.

So why printing?  Thats why.





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