Is 3D Printing Really Printing?

I have to agree with the view that was taken on 3-D printing by Digital Nirvana. They outlined in the article below how 3-D printing is not printing, but actually manufacturing. To me printing is the process of putting InkOnDaPaper, no pun intended. Ok maybe a little. 3D printing is the process of using a Read more about Is 3D Printing Really Printing?[…]

Landa Reveals Print Quality Enhancements and Press Design Upgrades

Well my weekend wasn’t as entertaining as Brian’s with his silkscreen production, but I did stumble upon this gem of an article this morning. Nanography as Landa Corporation calls it fascinates me to no end especially with the waterfall ink technology and high-speed production. Even though it shouldn’t, because this is the man who created Read more about Landa Reveals Print Quality Enhancements and Press Design Upgrades[…]

Big weekend in Silkscreen

Not in the industry – but in my world!  My wife a few months back purchased me a gift card at a local print shop for a 3 hour session.  Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.  This place has all sorts of printing presses and processes under 1 roof, but the main reason she bought me the Read more about Big weekend in Silkscreen[…]

More upbeat reviews on Print 13!

Since we covered Print 13 pretty close and even attended a few days, hearing more about what others thought is important. The below article outlines some of the thoughts and overall reviews of the 5 day conference at McCormick place in Chicago. Some have even said Print 13 was the strongest show since 2007. Have Read more about More upbeat reviews on Print 13![…]

Business cards that say much more

It’s all about taking the business card one step further.  Making the recipient do more than add yours to a pile.  Instead of just a name with contact info, you can now preload any type of media onto an NFC chip embedded into your business card.  This gives the recipient the ability to tap it Read more about Business cards that say much more[…]

PCA purchases Boise Packaging

There is a new acquisition hitting the news wire in the corrugate world.  PCA is preparing to buy out Boise Packaging in a transaction worth just shy of $2,000,000,000.  Lots of zeros in this sale.  This includes the debt on Boise’s books – which totals over $700,000,000. This deal will add more than 30% capacity Read more about PCA purchases Boise Packaging[…]

G7 Overview : The Art of Maintaining Color

Color obviously is a huge part of the printing process and maintaining consistent color across multiple platforms and stocks is important to keeping customers. A few years back IDEAlliance came out with the G7 System Certification Program which is designed to evaluate the ability of a candidate system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 Read more about G7 Overview : The Art of Maintaining Color[…]