Take the Color Test Challenge!

A coworker of mine recently sent me an article spotlighting graphic design for the colorblind.  Utilizing certain colors to help maximize the amount of people who can see your final creation.  It was a VERY interesting article – and I will be sure to feature it soon – but this conversation sparked another good one.  How good is your color perception?  Are there any tests out there?

This is a good place to start – a quick colorblind test.  Can you identify all 6 of the numbers within these circles?

thAnd here is another similar test if you feel you failed anything above or would prefer a more interactive style test.


Being in Printing for a few years, I assumed we (my coworker and I) could pass this one with ease.  We did.  Thats when we stepped our game up.

Check out this Color Hue Test through X-Rite.  This one is sure to take up 15 minutes of your time – but at the end it will grade your vision.  I scored an 18 on my first try.  #booyah


Feel free to share your score below!







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