Gifpop! A Company bringing GIF’s to print!

Ever have a GIF you wanted to print and frame? Paste on your fridge, or gift a friend?

It may become a reality soon through this Kickstarter campaign titled Gifpop!

This project intends to use Lenticular Printing like I featured Here, to bring these computer generated moving pictures to life.

“Binx told Bloomberg Businessweek that the technology is “relatively old and relatively straightforward.” The news outlet has an in-depth explanation of the lenticular printing process. But, she said, “the magic for us” is getting to see GIFs in the real world.”

“The cards will range from $10 to $18, Bloomberg Busnessweek reports. There’s also an option for a six-month collection at a price of about $12 per month.”

Pretty cool to see this technology – one that has been around for many years – reel companies like this back into producing print and putting ink on paper.,0,2243230.story#ixzz2nvbQSjFY

~Source: LA Times/Kickstarter

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