InkOnDaPaper Needs a Logo

It’s about time InkOnDaPaper designed a logo.  Time to print some swag.  We want tshirts, and pens, and notepads and anything else you can think of branded.

your-logo-here-tee free-speech-for-people-your-logo-here-600-98877Most of the images you see on the site were found online or purchased through fotolia – nothing created by us – the brains behind this awesome website.

I hopped onto google and found a few great tutorials on Logo design, but here are a few that stood out -

This is a checklist of logo info – such as know your audience, and the correct use of space.

I also started looking for creative logo’s as ideas and I found this website uber inspiring

I liked these the most -

043-MannMusic 026-UpsideTown 044-PencilCabin


I like them mostly because they utilize the name within the design.

What are your thoughts on a good design for InkOnDaPaper?  Do you think we are headed in the right direction here?

Please share with your coworkers, friends and cohorts – we could really use some creative insight.  Let us know!


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