Jerky Business Cards!

Salivating as I write this one and it is only 7:55.  Beef Jerky Business cards.  And not just a random printing – there is even a company specializing in it.  When you run a company that prints on beef jerky – what do you call yourself? of course!


“Whether you work in the food industry or you are just trying to leave an impression with potential clients, these beef jerky business cards are perfect for you. Meat Cards will laser-etch your contact info onto tasty strips of real, edible beef jerky. The difficult part will be not eating your business cards before you have a chance to hand them out. The price of the business cards is negotiable but it’s not too much more than the price of standard beef jerky. Head over to the Meat Cards website to get more information on how to order your own.”

~Source: SneakHype

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