I Think 3D Printing Has Gone Too Far…

Now 3D printing has officially crossed the line.  To run this wonderful site, Jason and I have numerous google alerts set up on all things print related.  All to often they capture what is new and exciting in the 3D printing world.  Combine that with the fact I am an expectant father, and you will quickly realize why this article caught my eye.

Company uses 3D printer to make models of fetuses


Right off the bat this has me interested.  Not because I want one, in that sense this a HECK NO.  But once I read the headline, I had a few immediate questions.  How are they produced?  What are the proud new owners of plastic fetuses doing with them?  How do you get a rendering of your unborn child?


A link to the article for those of you interested:

Company uses 3D printer to make models of fetuses

and in true InkOnDaPaper spirit, a video too -

Anyone out there have experience in this?  Or actually want one of these?  We would love to hear more about it.

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