A Bummer Monday at Cool Air Creations

If you have ever wondered how sports teams have clothing produced so quickly after winning a big game, here is a little insight.  Meet Cool Air Creations.



Cool Air Creations is one of the few companies in the area licensed to run AFC Championship T-shirts.  What a great niche for their down tick in business during the winter months.  Had the Patriots pulled off a win last sunday night, they would have worked round the clock – overtime too – to make sure all 6500 T Shirts blasted out by monday morning.  Sadly the Pat’s didn’t pull out a win, but this did allow for a cool look into how quickly a company must react to be the first to the market.

Here’s the full news coverage

Cool Air Creations

~Source: ABC6.com

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  1. Mark Hoffman Reply

    I am looking for a window cling media that will run in a Canon IPF 8400. This wide format system use pigmented inks which will not work on most window cling material. If you have a source or have used with success a window cling media please let me know Thanks!!

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