Driving success of direct mail in a digital era

Driving higher ROI for direct mail pieces is becoming increasingly hard and hard for marketers. Direct mail campaigns are more and more scrutinized for ROI especially because they cost more than a digital communication. The key is follow the 8 steps outlined in the below article to achieve a successful campaign. I also believe that […]

Guinness World Record Poster Printed

Germany based Verseidag seemee, a manufacturer of printable materials for the sign, digital and screen printing industries, announces the movie poster “Boss”, printed on Verseidag seemee mesh extra material, sets a new Guinness World Record. The fan club of the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar actualized the larger-than-life poster in association with the UK-based digital printer Macro Art to attend the […]

There HAS to be a Better Print Joke

Friday Funny is my favorite day to post.  The internet is full of things that make me laugh – even print related.  I typically go for a funny video, or picture, but this week I wanted a good printing joke.  A sidesplitting Graphics Arts related joke to share around the office. Ready?  Because what I […]