When a Press Check goes South

This week I was out of the office a bit and into the pressroom.  I had a presscheck at a local printer for a large run of 6 x 9 Envelopes.  The presscheck went easy, color was already locked in by 7:30 in the AM, and I just needed to tweak a few densities, sign a sheet, and go on my way.  For this pressman the press check could not have gone smoother.

Although it was easy for me this time, it brought back a lot of bad memories in the pressroom.  So many tough presschecks.  Bad color, inks not laying smoothly, ghosting in the coatings…..it almost makes me cringe as I think of it.  I swear i sometimes see colors like this in my nightmares (my print geeks should know how hard this truly is to print)


Which brings me to todays FRIDAY FUNNY!  A press check that goes horribly south from the Off Register series from Sappi.  In this instance the team in the pressroom damages a one of a kind print.  Very Funny.


Happy Friday All, Put Da Ink On Da Paper and enjoy the weekend!

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