USPS – Will it Disappear?

Since this has been a frequent topic here at InkOnDaPaper I thought I would share more coverage outlined by Chet Dalzell in this weeks Target Magazine. The writer goes on in the post to outline some of the changes that need to be made along with what mailers are saying about the importance of the Read more about USPS – Will it Disappear?[…]

Choosing the Right Vinyl for your Banner

Prismtech nailed it on this overview – so I’m giving all credit to them today.  Happy Friday! Vinyl banners are an excellent way to produce cost effective, durable and long-lasting graphics. Banners can be produced at just about any size, even large enough to cover entire buildings. Banner material has two components: a polyester mesh Read more about Choosing the Right Vinyl for your Banner[…]

Industry Leaders Say Renaissance of Print Has Already Begun

I had to share this article this morning as it’s always nice to hear what others in the industry are saying about print. I know over the past few years everyone has proclaimed print is dead and that digital will eventually take over. The best part about the printing industry is that it has evolved. Read more about Industry Leaders Say Renaissance of Print Has Already Begun[…]

DYNALOG – Dynamic/Interactive Online Catalogs

Today’s post ties in perfectly with yesterdays post on the shrinking sizes of catalogs going through the US postal system.  More and more clients are downsizing or completely eliminating printed copies of their catalogs. In walks DYNALOG. Dynalog – an interactive online catalog hosted by  These interactive catalogs allow user interaction that has never Read more about DYNALOG – Dynamic/Interactive Online Catalogs[…]

A film that truly captures what Letterpress is

Not so long ago, letterpress was the way of the printing world.  Thousands of employment opportunities surrounding the simple process of organizing letters into words, words into paragraphs, paragraphs into pages and so on and so forth. Here at InkOnDaPaper we have a high apprecitation for the older art forms of printing.  Letterpress being one Read more about A film that truly captures what Letterpress is[…]

Have you checked out Two Sides?

As you all know we love to promote other groups, non-profits, companies and blogs here at InkOnDaPaper. Today we look at Two Sides. This awesome non-profit organization was created to provide members of the Graphic Communications Supply Chain a forum to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, improve sustainability standards and practices, Read more about Have you checked out Two Sides?[…]

Let’s get CREATIVE with Print and Marketing

Good Afternoon Print Nerds!  Posts like this always get my creative juices flowing.  Marketing agencies really putting print to work – and turning heads in the process.  Any of you produce a similar project you care to share?  Please send the pics to   Pretty creative uses for print don’t you think? How about Read more about Let’s get CREATIVE with Print and Marketing[…]