Creative Product Packaging Ideas

Today’s post is all about making your product sell itself.  Packaging your good in a manner that draws the buyer’s attention, and incites a want or need of the product to the customer.  So many things can be accomplished with a package.  In the pasta aisle, so much is accomplished with just a window in the face of the box.

pasta-aisle-lo-resBut sometimes a box just isn’t enough.  Sometimes you want to grab more attention to your product.  That is where these packages come in.  These “out of the box” (pun intended) packaging ideas are sure to turn heads and drive sales.


Coconut Water sold in its Shell


Earbuds packaged to look like a musical note


Paintbrush Mustaches

packaging-0Cookies sold in a lookalike oven on sheets


A truck to hold matchespackaging-12

My personal favorite – Relaxation bags of tea
packaging-18This one isn’t too wild, just a great use of a windowed carton

Do you have a product packaged in something you would consider “outside of the box”?  If so, please share.

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  1. Sandeep Goyal Reply

    its great to have the summary of so many ideas at one place. We have also published some of these in our innovation reports earlier,. I remember seeing relaxation tea bags before

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