“Tech Up” Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to lead all other direct marketing communications in ROI. This is why most marketers have not abandon direct mail and have looked for ways to integrate it with online campaigns.  As direct mail continues to evolve and as technology continues to evolve we need to look at new ways to incorporate the Read more about “Tech Up” Direct Mail[…]

Two Must-Haves in Logo Design

Uber important to a company’s brand recognition is their logo.  Numerous websites are published as guides to building logos and creating brands visually.  Most of these sites cover similar topics, and when sorting through them all I found two of their points to be VERY important in logo creation. Just as a quick definition/guide I went Read more about Two Must-Haves in Logo Design[…]

Graphic Arts Show Company Announces “Positively Print” Program To Champion The Power of Print

As you know we are huge advocates of print here at InkOnDaPaper. Over the weekend I found out about the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC) “Positively Print” program.  GASC produces the graphic communications industry’s largest tradeshows in the Americas, the annual GRAPH EXPO, and alternating every fourth-year global PRINT events. The “Positively Print” program will Read more about Graphic Arts Show Company Announces “Positively Print” Program To Champion The Power of Print[…]

Top 100 Free Fonts found Online for download

Often this blog is geared straight towards the manufacturing side of the print world.  This post for a friday morning is intended for the “printers” that leaves out – the graphic design team.  Just as important as the printer is the designer.  Good Printing starts with Good Design. Over the years my Adobe Creative Suite Read more about Top 100 Free Fonts found Online for download[…]

When Personalization Goes Wrong

Personalization is becoming more and more common in print communications from direct mail to letter packages. Many companies are able to produce dynamic mailers that switch out information, images, content and offers based on the individual they are targeting. The issue that arises when getting into these personalized campaigns is matching the correct data with Read more about When Personalization Goes Wrong[…]

Blackhawk Greats Wrap Local Chicago Business

The Blackhawks have a big game tongiht, so this news article seemed relevant Chicago-Area Business Shows Big Blackhawks Pride The banner, dubbed, Mt. Hawkmore, is 20 feet high and 75 feet wide By Alexandria Fisher   One Chicago-area business has taken their Blackhawks pride to a new level.   Dahlstrom Display, in Broadview, has wrapped its Read more about Blackhawk Greats Wrap Local Chicago Business[…]

Happy Earth Day! O and go ahead and print those emails.

First and foremost Happy Earth Day to everyone! Now let’s get into my second topic which is ironically, print those emails. I know everyone tells you that you should think before printing and that PRINTING IS NOT GREEN. Well honestly don’t listen to those people. Why you ask? Well paper is biodegradable and we can Read more about Happy Earth Day! O and go ahead and print those emails.[…]

The GPO may be changing names – Kind of

The Senate may vote soon on a bipartisan bill that would give the 153-year-old Government Printing Office a new name to better reflect its digital-age work. The legislation, sponsored by Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), would swap the word “printing” for “publishing” to make the agency the Government Publishing Office. It also would change Read more about The GPO may be changing names – Kind of[…]

Questions about Books and Digital Inkjet Production

If you’ve been thinking about adding digital inkjet to your plant then I would entourage you to read up on the below article from My Print Resource. Now I won’t recommend you add digital inkjet equipment because that is the hot item currently in the industry. The only reason to add this technology is if Read more about Questions about Books and Digital Inkjet Production[…]

Throwback Thursday – The Linotype Machine

Throwback thursday is all about the Linotype Machine.  This thing is amazing.  A true mashup of Engineering and science.  Hand typesetting is tiresome, long, intricate work, and it was largely unchanged for 100’s of years.  Then came the linotype machine. The linotype machine (/ˈlaɪnətaɪp/ lyn-ə-typ) is a “line casting” machine used in printing. Along with letterpress printing, linotype was the Read more about Throwback Thursday – The Linotype Machine[…]