Lego Letterpress

This monday we have a bit of print and toy fusion to share.  Once you see the pictures you realize how simple of an idea it really is.  Certainly you can’t get the fine detail needed for high-end image reproduction, but you can print some pretty cool artistic pieces.

lego-letterpress-2-550x291I will save most of you the google translate legwork, the link only provides that two gentlemen, Justin LaRosa and Samuel Cox created this for the College of Design.


The designs are created from a toy every child knows.  Lego’s.  Using the large flat pieces as the base, and then the small 2 x 1 and 1 x 1 flat-topped pieces as the “raised image” in these letterpress prints.  The images are then locked in and rolled across, just as you would any raised metal or wood type.

How does one come across an old letterpress such as this?  The legos I am sure I could find.  Are these presses expensive or rare?  Anyone with some insight here they care to share?  This would be the ultimate toy for me.

Here are a few shots are the designs are these two gentlemen created, and the final product






The designs became so famous, they are now for sale at – HERE

Their newest designs are pretty cool as well –





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