When Personalization Goes Wrong

Personalization is becoming more and more common in print communications from direct mail to letter packages. Many companies are able to produce dynamic mailers that switch out information, images, content and offers based on the individual they are targeting. The issue that arises when getting into these personalized campaigns is matching the correct data with the correct recipient. What happens if you get it wrong?

The trick for organizations is to properly capture, cleanse, categorize /score, and then decide how to re-use this information.

Here are a few practical ways to ensure that direct mail is in sync with digital channels:

  • Add consistent names in headlines on emails as well as on direct mail pieces
  • Provide personalized metrics such as: “You have saved over $89 with us this year by using super saver coupons” in the content
  • Keep track of offers sent via email and direct mail and minimizing duplication when needed
  • Personalizing images according to age or gender, and incorporating “the Amazon effect”: “We think you may be interested in these related products.”



Source: Chief Marketer

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