“Tech Up” Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to lead all other direct marketing communications in ROI. This is why most marketers have not abandon direct mail and have looked for ways to integrate it with online campaigns.  As direct mail continues to evolve and as technology continues to evolve we need to look at new ways to incorporate the two. Below the article outlines more on how we can “tech up” direct mail to improve response and increase ROI.

  1. QR Code: At this point most everyone has seen a QR Code in a magazine or other ad (little box with squares in it). You can create personalized QR Codes so that the content is unique to each person or just generic for that campaign. This landing page content can be changed and updated as needed, creating an easy way to keep people coming back for new content. Make sure  your content is mobile-ready since the recipients will be using a mobile device to scan the QR Codes.
  2. PURL: A personalized URL will provide a personalized landing page and content as you need it to. This should be setup with dynamic formatting—in other words, the landing page should work for both mobile users and desktop users since the URL can easily be used on both devices. You can even use the same page as the QR Code to save on costs if you are providing both on your direct mail as a means of response. This provides the recipient with the choice of which method they prefer.
  3. Augmented Reality: This can be a very sophisticated technology. Having an image come to life and be manipulated by the recipient is a very powerful wow factor. You do not have to go all out here if your budget does not allow it. You can create a great user experience without breaking the bank. Keep the recipient in mind when designing: What will they want to see, get out of it and like? This will take time and testing to make sure that a wide array of phones display correctly, and that you are conveying the correct message.
  4. NFC: Near field communication is the next great technology. Most cell phones that are now coming out have the NFC capability (iPhone still does not). This allows the user to tap their phone to the mail piece and launch the content you provide them. No scanning or application download required, which makes it better for the recipients. This is another sophisticated technology and just new enough that it can be really exciting to recipients.

What do you think? Did we miss something that you gave been using? Share with us.



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