I have to strongly agree

As some one in sales Margie Dana’s article on Printing Impressions hit home for me yesterday. If you haven’t seen it yet her title is “Do Your Homework Before Making That Call.” Now if you’re not in sales you would think this is done all the time and that it would be second nature for […]

Scratch and Sniff Manure

We had a twitter request for a post on scented printing – and it stirred up some memories.  I am sure most printers are familiar with some form of scented, scratch and sniff printing.  Lemon, Lavender,, even dill pickle – anyone remember this? The memory scented printing brings to mind is a funny one.  It […]

Direct Mail Matters!

This article show how direct mail is helping to trigger greater response rates when pairing with digital channels. According to this study 79% of consumers surveyed act on brands’ direct mailing immediately. DIRECT MAIL TRIGGERS AN ONLINE RESPONSE DIRECT MAIL VIEWED AS TRUSTWORTHY DIRECT MAIL IS RETAINED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE MANY CONSUMERS EXPECT DIRECT MAILINGS […]