I have to strongly agree

As some one in sales Margie Dana’s article on Printing Impressions hit home for me yesterday. If you haven’t seen it yet her title is “Do Your Homework Before Making That Call.” Now if you’re not in sales you would think this is done all the time and that it would be second nature for most sales people to at least research the person before calling on them. Sadly this is not the case as many still place calls off a list and never use the computer to at the very least Google their name.

If you want to be successful in the market today you need to start researching your prospects and learning more about them. The key is to have some sort of information ready that will allow you to connect with the person. Now this won’t always work and it may take several tries, but the key is to not blindly call on someone you know nothing about. I’m sure they love getting a call saying so what do you use print for in your business. I guessing you will get hung up on.

So take a look at Margie’s suggestions and please at least take a little time to research. If you don’t you’re giving every salesperson a bad name the next time you call.


Source: Printing Impressions

Author: Margie Dana

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