Komori’s new imPRESSive Lithrone GX40

Yesterday Komori debuted its newest press and at first Glance the 40″ Komori Lithrone GX40 is just another in the Lithrone family.   It can print roughly 18000 sheet an hour, and can handle both thin paper stock and board stocks for packaging applications.  The press offers quick color change-overs and top-notch print quality

Numerous inline coating options are also available as with other Komori presses.

But here’s the game changer.  This is the reason this press is making this blog post.

the new GX40 can be equipped with a PDF comparison system, which is ideal for the pharmaceutical packaging market. Once a perfect sheet is achieved, it is scanned with the PDC-SX scanning spectrophotometer and matched to the PDF file. Defect sheets are identified by sheet number—which is applied with the optional Komori inkjet numbering system that numbers every sheet as it enters the feeder. This allows the operator to pull just the defective sheet. This dramatically reduces waste, which is critical in the packaging market.”

Yes folks, this press literally numbers every sheet and flags any defective prints for removal after printing.  Talk about flawless product delivery.  We all know flawless printing isn’t possible, but removing anything not up to par is the perfect way to keep your shops quality rating top-notch.

Anyone looking for a new press?  You may want to give the new LIthrone GX40 a good look.

Here’s a look at the GX40’s sister press – the GX40 Carton.  Sure to make a packaging nut grin on a friday.

Put Da Ink On Da Paper and enjoy your weekend folks!


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