Best of the Best Business Card Ideas

Business cards aren’t anything new.  Typically, they are a dime a dozen, and sometimes even cheaper.  With so many diffrent types and styles of business cards out there, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the shuffle.  A normal business card snags little attenion and a crappy business card is basically Junk.  But what about the creative cards?  The ones that make you interact with it, or play with it.

We have featured business cards of all types on this site before.  Boring and cool.  We even featured beef jerky business cards – EDIBLE business cards!

Some of these business card ideas are cheap and some are expensive, but ultimately its all about grabbing that attention for as long as you can.

Well, that and not turning in to this guy

So here we go with the coolest ideas I could find – provided by one of my favorite websites.

Pretty cool ideas right?

You can see all the ideas – these and so much more – at The Chive


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