Big news for this direct mail company

Press release from the issuing company Wheeling, IL – SG360º a Segerdahl company has announced the acquisition of the direct mail printing company, Lehigh Direct, a division of VISANT. This proudly brings together two of the nation’s premier direct mail companies, which combined have a history of serving direct marketers nationally for almost 150 years. […]

Choosing the Best Typeface

Choosing the best typeface can be hard.  100 years or so ago, there were 10 choices and they all looked vastly different.  Investing in a typeface was a process, and a heavy one at that.  100’s of small metal chunks just to make up one size of one typeface.  In this era, typefaces are created and […]

HydroGraphics – The Water Transfer Process

To round out our “Ink on ANY substrate” week, we featuring Hydropgraphics (as promised).  Very few have had the opportunity to explore Hydrographics in a live – hands on – environment, but you may have seen videos of the process before online. Simply put (and according to  – “HydroGraphics, also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water […]