Pizza Box of the 21st Century

A co-worker of mine shared this custom pizza box from ECOvention.  I haven’t seen one in the field yet, but I have a feeling this design could catch on quickly.

The corrugated Pizza Box is designed in a way that allows the end-user to use the box as both storage, and as the plate the pizza is served on.  We all have ripped a pizza box apart and used it as a plate, but this design actually facilitates less mess, less waste, and allows all ends of the box to be used to serve a purpose.

Here is their YouTube Commercial –

and here is a demo video of the pizza box in action from their site –

Pretty cool product right?  How long before you see one in person?  The design is really not altering much, just adding a few extra perforations for easy tearing.

Have you already seen a pizza box like this in the “wild”?  If so, please tell us more about it in the comments below!

~Source: GreenBoxNY

1 thought on “Pizza Box of the 21st Century

  • They use them at Whole Foods in Boulder, CO. We used it for our first camping pizza. Our car was the Refrigerator. It was truly a pizza box for the 21st century. We are still in awe!!! My husband now includes this box in our nightly prayers.

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