Intellipaper – One Kickstarter that caught my eye

Heard of this one yet?  Maybe not – it’s an up and coming idea funded through kickstarter.

IntelliPaper.  What is it?

IntelliPaper® is the world’s leading manufacturer of Intelligent Paper. Since 2009, intelliPaper has been making innovative paper products for the direct mail, commercial printing and product-packaging industries that help advertisers improve communications by integrating digital capabilities inside paper.

We create paper products that combine the familiarity of plain paper with the added benefits of digital file storage, data processing and external communication with PC’s, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Our flagship products today are disposable-paper USB flash drives made entirely of plain paper. They are lightweight, low-cost, and 100% recyclable.

How amazing could this be?  You probably haven’t really thought of all the uses yet – which is why they have a video!

Imagine all of the ways this new technology could be used….

Not quite INKONDAPAPER – but this business card is certainly a print mashup between the old and the new in printed materials.

~Source: Intellipaper


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