This Paper Size Chart has it all

What size is a 14 1/2 Catalog envelope and will it hold an A4 size insert?  How many times have you been asked for something similar and didn’t have a paper size chart handy?  No one could possibly memorize them all.  Domestically our envelope classifications are tough enough with baronial, announcement and standard classes.  But when you get international it’s a whole new ball game.  “A” size international letters, “B” size inserts, “C” size envelopes are just a few of their classifications.

This, for example, is just one set of sizes for the International A Series.

Many guides online show you a section, like the image above, but few combine all sizes in one location.

Bookmark this page if you ever need it – because here it is

Paper Size Chart – Print Handbook


Can you think of one they missed?  If so, we couldn’t.  Stump us and share your size below!

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