Color Profiles & Printing Explained

It is frustrating when you go to print an image and it doesn’t look right. Color: Profiles & Printing Explained infographic from The Logo Company explains the differences between CMYK, RBG, and Pantone as well as when to use them. Whether you are printing a single logo or a full promotional brochure, you want your marketing products Read more about Color Profiles & Printing Explained[…]

Typography Terms 101

Barbs, beaks, brackets, bowls. Baffled by typography terms? You’re not alone. One of the most common questions we field at Print is what the heck typography’s various terms all mean. We called in Denise Bosler, author of Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design, to serve as our official translator. Here, Read more about Typography Terms 101[…]

A Couple New Additions to the Print Antique Collection

If you follow this blog – you probably have seen a snippet or two of my print antique collection.  I started collecting antiques and relics of our industry shortly after graduating college and over the last 8 years or so the collection has grown quite a bit.   It started with a box of antique wood Read more about A Couple New Additions to the Print Antique Collection[…]

Augmented Reality and Print

This was a really good article I found this weekend on how using augmented reality and print can help lift your ROI. In the market today many companies need to start using both digital and print to truly improve response rates and  return on investment. The below article from Summer Gould gives more information on Read more about Augmented Reality and Print[…]

Friday Funny – The ScreenPrinters

Need a quick break on a friday?  The ScreenPrinters sure have a laugh for you.  Bringing back the friday funny isn’t easy here at InkOnDaPaper – us print-heads don’t share our laughs online often – but I think “The ScreenPrinters” should incite a bit of laughter on your friday. The ScreenPrinters is a comedic webseries Read more about Friday Funny – The ScreenPrinters[…]

Digital Glass Printing on the Rise

The inquiries at Marabu’s stand at this year’s Glasstec clearly showed the current trend in the glass industry. These inquiries were primarily about UV-curable primers, including combining them with hot stamping, and digital glass printing solutions, especially full coverage of glass surfaces using roller-coating with the new Marashield UV-CGL shades. Marabu has positioned itself as Read more about Digital Glass Printing on the Rise[…]

Welcome to the Pantone Hotel

I bet you didn’t see this coming from Pantone.  Welcome to the Pantone Hotel.  The famous swatch company that has influenced many industries, most notably fashion, is entering into the realm of hospitality service with their new Pantone Hotel. The Pantone Hotel itself isn’t exactly new, but it sure is new to us!  It was Read more about Welcome to the Pantone Hotel[…]

Print magazine features working Facebook ‘Like’ buttons

Regular readers of Springwise may remember Brazil-based department store C&Afrom our coverage of its FashionLike innovation from 2012, which saw it display live Facebook ‘likes’ next to its in-store products. Now the company is developing the idea further with the Like Ad, a magazine commercial that lets readers ‘like’ products on Facebook by pressing buttons Read more about Print magazine features working Facebook ‘Like’ buttons[…]

A “Barbecue Bible” that Literally Helps You Cook

The print creativity coming out of Brazil always gets me excited.  We previously posted on two Nivea ads – A Cellphone Charging Ad and a Kid tracking system – that we thought were above and beyond what you can imagine with print.  Today’s post on the Barbecue Bible may actually beat both of those combined. Found on Read more about A “Barbecue Bible” that Literally Helps You Cook[…]