Friday Funny – The ScreenPrinters

Need a quick break on a friday?  The ScreenPrinters sure have a laugh for you.  Bringing back the friday funny isn’t easy here at InkOnDaPaper – us print-heads don’t share our laughs online often – but I think “The ScreenPrinters” should incite a bit of laughter on your friday.

The ScreenPrinters is a comedic webseries about a group of screen printers. This is just for fun and nothing in this series is meant to be taken too seriously. So if you’re a screen printer and you see something in here that offends you… don’t be. We love screen printers and screen printing!

There are 38 current episodes online – and although they all are hilarious, I’ll go ahead and start with episode one

and if you liked that one and want to see the next in the series – episode 2 is here as well –

Have you seen “The Screenprinters” before?

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