Working with Inkjet Inks

Interesting article on how using digital inkjet inks are different from every other press on the market today. Offset uses water where digital inkjet does not use a drop of water. Author: RICHARD ROMANO Over the course of more than 100 years of offset printing, we’ve become accustomed to the fact that virtually any ink will Read more about Working with Inkjet Inks[…]

Removing “Go Paperless-Save Trees” Claims

Thirty Leading North American Companies Remove “Go Paperless – Save Trees” Claims Two Sides North America, Inc. has announced that over 30 leading North American companies have committed to remove “anti-paper” based claims being used to promote electronic billing and other e-services as more environmentally-friendly. The Two Sides campaign is engaged with top Fortune 500 Read more about Removing “Go Paperless-Save Trees” Claims[…]

Hydrographics – Something cool on a Tuesday Morning

Whenever I watch videos of HydroGraphics I find myself just blankly staring at the screen in awe.  Sometimes I even catch my mouth dropping.  Hydropgraphics has been around a few years now, but the applications for this type of printing are becoming more and more prevalent.  It really is a cool process – where an Read more about Hydrographics – Something cool on a Tuesday Morning[…]

What Every Marketer Should Know About Print Design

Print marketing works best when designers and marketers can easily work together. So it helps when both know at least the basics of each other’s craft. Here are print design essentials that all marketers should keep in mind. Logos should be versatile Your logo is your brand’s most important visual identifier, so it’s important to Read more about What Every Marketer Should Know About Print Design[…]