Print News you probably missed this week

As the holiday rapidly approaches, keeping up with the latest print news is more than likely not on your radar.  No fear, here is an early holiday gift from InkOnDaPaper.  The best news of the week consolidated for you right here.

The first story you more than likely missed:

Benjamin Franklin Printing Blocks Identified

The Library Company of Philadelphia has identified wood printing blocks from the earliest printing of US/colonial currency.  Straight from Ben Franklin’s print shop too.  While more than likely not used by Ben himself, they were used by his predecessor in producing currency.  Extremely rare and from the 18th century, it is amazing they are still intact.

“Among the most intriguing of all early American graphics are the delicate images of leaves used as a counterfeit deterrent on paper money printed by Franklin and his successors from 1737 to 1785. Experts believed they were made by pressing a leaf into plaster and making a mold of the impression that could then be used to cast printing blocks from type metal. This was guesswork, however, as the process was highly secret, and none of the blocks was known to have survived—until now. It is very rare to find examples of early American metal type, as it was normally melted down when it wore out. Type-metal blocks used to print pictures and ornaments are even rarer.”

You can read the full article – HERE – FINEBOOKSMAGAZINE.COM

Second in the news is from the 3D printing realm.

Dog Can Run Again Thanks To 3D Printed Prosthetics

This one is pretty cool and I rarely bring print news about 3D printing onto this print blog : )

“Derby was born with deformed front legs. A cart didn’t help him experience running — so a 3D printing company designed loop-shaped prosthetics to let Derby do what dogs love to do.

Lastly, you probably didn’t have time to stop by and check out Trish’s fold of the week – and it’s holiday spirited so you should check out her latest in print news here

Pretty awesome laser cutting right?!?!?!

I hope this quick recap didn’t take you too long to read – have a great weekend and happy holidays from InkOnDaPaper

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