Free Font Friday – 15 Stellar Rock Band Fonts

It is Free Font Friday here at InkOnDaPaper.   A few weeks back I had shared 6 Amazing Free Fonts for Download – Movie Edition, and this friday I have 15 stellar rock band fonts.

“Take a look at the fonts behind the bands you like to jam to. Who knows, this sort of knowledge might even enhance your next rock out session.”

KISS – Die Nasty


Linkin Park –  Futura Extra Bold (Modified)

Linkin Park

My Chemical Romance – The Chemical Parade

My Chemical Romance

Green Day –Breakdown

Green Day

Weezer – Century Gothic


Slipknot – Sickness


Sex Pistols – Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols

The Doors –Densmore (Modified)

The Doors

Deftones – Ribbon


Daft Punk – Daft Font

Daft Punk

Black Flag – Friz Quadrata

Black Flag

Evanescence –Evanescent


The Ramones –Franklin Gothic Heavy

The Ramones

Misfits – Misfits Font

The Misfits

Rolling Stone (The Magazine) – Royal Acid Bath

Rolling Stone

So what one is your favorite?  Green Day seems to be where we are leaning.  Sex pistols being a close second.

We here at InkOnDaPaper hope your first full work week of 2015 treated you well and stay tuned all of this year for more Free Font Fridays!

Have a great weekend fellow printers!

~Source: BuildInternet


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