Learn Something Monday: Square Back Binding

I learned about square back binding last week and I thought I would share it.  I have seen this binding method before, but never looked into how it was produced.

Why Square Back Binding?

If your business has stayed away from professional looking binding because of the cost, square back binding is your answer. Square back binding is an affordable solution in-between saddle stitching and perfect binding, offering the security of a saddle-stitched spine with the improved appearance of a perfect bound square spine. Add a level of sophistication and polish to your projects without the significant price tag of perfect binding. One of the biggest advantages to choosing square back binding is the ability to produce short run quantities.

What is Square Back Binding?

The only aesthetic difference between square back binding and perfect binding is the two small staples. The finished squared-look is created after applying pressure to the spine. Square bindings lay flat, making it easier to stack, handle, and pack than saddle stitching. The pages are always secure, and you can print directly on the squared surface spine

Who Can Use Square Back Binding?

Square back binding is the perfect solution for authors who specialize in children’s books, coloring books, or coffee table books. It also gives short run magazines, annual reports and any catalog or booklet a level of professionalism your customers and clients will notice.

Square Back Binding Specifications

  • Ideal for quantities of 1-500
  • Can be printed on any paper weight
  • Minimum page count: 28
  • Maximum page count: 120 (70# & 80# text only

~Source: PFL

And for those like me that really need to see the machine work in order to understand it –

Have you ever produced a book like this?  Pretty effective way to make a saddlestitch look presentable.

I hope you learned something new today here at InkOnDaPaper – happy monday Printheads


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