5 Advantages of Print Advertising

I came across this blog post on LinkedIn and I really enjoyed the read. The main thing is everyone prematurely predicted the death of print. The funny thing now is that print is making a comeback of sorts because everyone though digital communications would replace it. As always we would love to hear your thoughts Read more about 5 Advantages of Print Advertising[…]

Direct to Garment Printing Hits the Runway during Fashion Week

I love when my google alerts catching something like this.  Direct to garment printing isn’t new to Fashion Week but it was out in full force again this year.  An almost completely unknown(to me) section of our industry and Epson is at the forefront. The big push from Epson was their new press line. The SureColor F-Series Printers Read more about Direct to Garment Printing Hits the Runway during Fashion Week[…]

100 year old printing press gifted….GIFTED!

Talk about a gift after my own heart.  Six Art pupils were gifted a 100 year old printing press as part of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Society (NADFAS) initiative.  The 100 year old Printing Press came out of a closet in Cullodens Academy’s art department.  Badly needing refinishing,  Tim Honnor of Piccolo Press Read more about 100 year old printing press gifted….GIFTED![…]

2015 Print Leadership Summit Speakers Announced

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the 2015 Print Leader Summit.  May 18-19 at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center in Minneapolis. Whether you consider your company a marketing service provider, a packaging solutions firm, a display graphics enterprise or a supply chain management company, if you PRINT, the Print Leadership Summit is for you! Read more about 2015 Print Leadership Summit Speakers Announced[…]

Printing Businesses up in Q3 & Q4 2014 According to Shipping Data

It appears things on are going well for most printing businesses according to a recent report found on WhatTheyThink.com.  The shipping data shows that printing companies were rebounding the tail end of 2014.  Although things still aren’t what they were in 2010, the data did show that the month of december alone was 3.7% up above Read more about Printing Businesses up in Q3 & Q4 2014 According to Shipping Data[…]

There’s a Printing App for Iphones

Quick – grab your I-phone and search for “Print Apply”. You won’t be disappointed.  In this fairly new updated release of the application you can reference a TON of great print and Graphic Arts information all at the point of a finger. This printing app gives print professionals and graphic designers instant access to a variety Read more about There’s a Printing App for Iphones[…]

5 Design Trends to Watch for in 2015

5 Design Trends to Watch for in 2015 Graphic design trends are fickle friends. As soon as you’ve mastered a technique or style, it becomes unfashionable and your portfolio cliché. But never fear! We’ve compiled a list of five trends that are sure to be big hits this year. So get ahead of the curve Read more about 5 Design Trends to Watch for in 2015[…]

10 Facts about Paper Production

Today’s post is another great infographic – 10 Facts about Paper Production.  We have talked about the group “Two Sides North America” before, but this really helps sum up the marketing messge they are out there pushing.  As a recap if you haven’t seen Jason Shudy’s posts on Two Sides North America before – Two Sides North Read more about 10 Facts about Paper Production[…]

Print Trumps Digital in Attention?

There are few good things to say about printed media these days. It’s wasteful, inefficient, static, expensive to create and distribute. That’s why it’s all going digital. But apart from a nostalgic affinity (“I like the feel of a newspaper, it’s what I have always done”), there is a huge advantage that print has over Read more about Print Trumps Digital in Attention?[…]