10 Facts about Paper Production

Today’s post is another great infographic – 10 Facts about Paper Production.  We have talked about the group “Two Sides North America” before, but this really helps sum up the marketing messge they are out there pushing.  As a recap if you haven’t seen Jason Shudy’s posts on Two Sides North America before –

Two Sides North America (originally called Two Sides U.S.) was launched in 2012 with members from the Graphic Communications Industry to create a forum for members to work together and share experiences; improve standards and practices; and maximize customer confidence in our products.

Print and Paper is recyclable, powerful and based on a renewable resource.  In a multimedia world, it continues to be highly effective and can be a sustainable way to communicate when produced and used responsibly.  Our common goal is to promote the sustainability of the Graphic Communications Industry and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why Print and Paper can be an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.

These great 10 facts about paper production are sure to get you thinking on a monday morning.

Certainly a refreshing spin on the facts the media sometimes throws at the paper/printing industry.

Are you really ready to bust some myths?  If so, check out this video!

Feel free to check out the Twosides website – Twosidesna.org, and even come a member Here.


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