There’s a Printing App for Iphones

Quick – grab your I-phone and search for “Print Apply”. You won’t be disappointed.  In this fairly new updated release of the application you can reference a TON of great print and Graphic Arts information all at the point of a finger.

This printing app gives print professionals and graphic designers instant access to a variety of information and data they use daily, such as a paper weight reference chart, proportion wheel, envelope sizing chart, fraction converter, spine width calculator and much more.

Print Apply is also the only mobile application licensed by the FSC and SFI to promote the use of Certified papers.

So what else does this Printing App offer?

• QR Code Reader:  Easily scan your QR Code without launching additional apps.
• Envelope Sizing Chart: This chart has the type, size and suggested enclosure for six different envelope sizes. 
• Eco Friendly Papers: Search by paper supplier or brand name to find the post consumer waste, recycled content and label type. 

• Basis Weight and Grammage Equivalent chart.
• Fraction Converter: Select a fraction to display decimal, millimeters and pica conversions.
• Folding: select from nine different animated folding examples.
• Spine Width Calculator: Type in your books page count and get the spine width from seven different paper stocks. 
• Glossary of Terms: A list of helpful terms used throughout the printing industry. 
• Proportion Wheel: A new spin on a classic tool. Select the original size and the reproduction size to see how much to increase or decrease your project.
• Print Templates: Select from eight commonly used layouts to help you get your project started.

I think this is precisely the Application we needed in our industry.  A great quick reference when you have a question on envelope size or paper stocks.

Did you already know about Print Apply?  Or are you just downloading it today after reading this?  Either way, be sure to give them a solid review after the first time this App saves you.

And I would like to also throw a BIG friday shout out to the teams that put this printing app together.

Corporate Sponsor – Western States and Label

and additional sponsors

Print Media Centr  and two sides 


Thanks for this great reference tool – please keep the print knowledge coming!

For those of you that haven’t downloaded it yet – go do so! – then tell us all about it in the comments section below.


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