Environmental Impact Calculator of a Print Project

Mohawk has always kept their website stocked with great tools for designers and print sales people. This Environmental Impact Calculator is just one of the many gems you can find by going to Mohawkconnects.com.  Simply input your current or previous print specifications and this nifty tool will calculate Wastewater, greenhouse gases, and saved energy as well as Read more about Environmental Impact Calculator of a Print Project[…]

Best Print Blogs – Thank You Washington Graphics!

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to finally publish this post on the best print blogs of our industry.  Washington Graphics posted their best print blogs of 2014 and InkOnDaPaper made the list.  Jason and I  could not be happier.  A big thank you to Washington Graphics for the shout-out and helping us Read more about Best Print Blogs – Thank You Washington Graphics![…]

More Proof about Print

We’ve heard it said many times: Print is dead. But startups are questioning this idea. “It’s just like in retail [where] people are saying stores are dead,” said Ethan Song, co-founder of menswear startup Frank & Oak. “[Stores] used to be the main thing, and they’re not anymore. But they’re still very impactful.” Frank & Read more about More Proof about Print[…]

Print thrives in a Digital Age

This was a great article I saw from Mohawk Paper and I wanted to share it with the Inkondapaper community. Enjoy! Science proves that printed messages are more memorable than digital ones. We live in an era dominated by virtual communication, where animated birthday cards, emailed party invitations, and digital newsletters have become the norm. Read more about Print thrives in a Digital Age[…]

New Print Process Allows Blind to “See” Major Works of Art

This New Print Process showcases how you can blend traditional print processes with the new world of 3D printing to create something special. In Spain’s Museo Del Prado, new technology lets blind people—and everyone—touch art masterpieces. Think of it as braille for paintings. They aren’t the original paintings themselves, of course, but rather detailed high-resolution replicas. Thanks to Read more about New Print Process Allows Blind to “See” Major Works of Art[…]

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to provide a quick article I saw in the Washington Post that promoted print. Have a look and as always we would love to hear comments on what you think. Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/why-digital-natives-prefer-reading-in-print-yes-you-read-that-right/2015/02/22/8596ca86-b871-11e4-9423-f3d0a1ec335c_story.html And as always have a great weekend!

Print Display: DIY displays and touchscreens anyone can print

By Eric Mack March 7, 2015 For years now, we’ve been promised miraculous new flexible touchscreen displays, but the deployment of such technology in big consumer products, like say the LG G Flex, hasn’t started any revolutions just yet. That could soon change thanks to a team of computer scientists from Germany’s Saarland University who Read more about Print Display: DIY displays and touchscreens anyone can print[…]

Printed Electronics for the Label Printer

Packaging has been a prime driver in the development of printed electronics, from RFID to QR codes and other digitally ‘readable’ data. The printing expertise, specialist materials, and conductive inks required to reliably create these ‘intelligent’ functions have long been a specialty of the label production chain – an extended value chain which is supported Read more about Printed Electronics for the Label Printer[…]