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I cannot believe it has taken me this long to finally publish this post on the best print blogs of our industry.  Washington Graphics posted their best print blogs of 2014 and InkOnDaPaper made the list.  Jason and I  could not be happier.  A big thank you to Washington Graphics for the shout-out and helping us spread some ink.  Like us, they too share an overwhelmingly strong love for this industry.  A large format screen and digital printer, Washington Graphics has been cranking out quality large graphics since 1976.  You can read more about their capabilities and successes Here – – Cool website name right?!?!

We would like to share Washington Graphics Best Print Blogs list below – enjoy – and be sure to subscribe to InkOnDaPaper (and any others you may find interesting) if you have not already.

Thanks again for Washington Graphics for putting us on their Best Print Blogs list, and Happy Monday to all the printheads out there.

The list:


  1. Print Media Centr
    This is more of an all-in-once resource and information website for the print industry than strictly a blog. Run by the incredibly knowledgeable (and sweet) Deborah Corn, this site also hosts a weekly Twitter Chat for Print (#PrintChat, Wednesdays at 4pm EST).  This site is a never-ending library worth of information for print professionals.
  2. Output Magazine
    This is the online presence of Output Magazine, a resource for printers on industry information and business. It’s basically a hub of streams catered to a variety of different print genres, and definitely worth checking out. Along with Mohawk, they host a weekly Twitter chat about Print as well (#TalkPrint, Fridays at 6am PST). You’ll see James (aka @TheMohawkMan) at the Twitter chat from Output Magazine as well.
  3. Mohawk Papers
    What we love about this is that it’s a Paper supplier that is focused on bettering the industry! The MohawkConnects Newsfeed is filled with industry related information, tidbits and tips.
  4. XPlor International
    This is the blog of Skip Henk with Xplor International and it talks about not just print but business and marketing as a whole.
  5. Profitable Print Relationships
    Matthew Parker’s blog is filled with on-point tips for both sellers and buyers of print, and great pieces for the print industry member in general. Matthew is also a regular contributor to PrintChat, and speaks/teaches about his number 1 passion (print!) throughout the UK.
  6. Xerox’s Digital Print HotSpot
    Xerox has done a great job collecting content and authoring articles that truly help the print industry where it sits now. Timely information and real time ideas.
  7. Printing Industries of America
    PIA’s official blog for everything Print Industry related.
  8. PI World
    Again, this is more of a resource hub than a blog, but it’s a must follow.
  9. MyPRINTResource
    Another Resource and News aggregate for the print industry. And, the layout is bright and colorful and reminds us of ink
  10. Tough Love for X
    This blog states it’s mission as “now focused on Print in the Communications Ecology.” While I’m not 100% sure what exactly that means, I love the content of the posts!
  11. PrintCEO
    Thousands of articles for printers, by printers, and for those considering print marketing.
  12. PrintConfessions
    This is the PI World version of a blog. Written by experienced print pros, the articles are well thought out and filled with good information.
  13. PrintFirm
    This blog is a great informative mix of articles that target both the consumers of print and those produce it. They’re very socially connected and the blog has a great personal touch.
  14. InkonDaPaper
    IoDP is an eclectic blog with great doses of history and humor in it’s posts about the Print world.
  15. TwoSides US
    What printer wouldn’t love a blog that is focused on busting the myths surrounding sustainability and paper?? Not just articles, but educational white papers are available here for your business and your clients.

~Source: Best Print Blogs of 2014

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