Print on Bottles – A Silent Game Changer

A german based company, KHS, has been investing heavily into changing the way bottles are labeled.  Or should I say, Printed.  Long story short, they have developed one the worlds first digital direct print PET bottle printers. No longer would your pop or water bottle come with a label, rather it would be printed directly onto Read more about Print on Bottles – A Silent Game Changer[…]

The Generational Change in Print Business Leadership

This article is ripped straight from the pages of  I liked it so much I did not even want to alter it.  Enjoy! To read it directly on, please click here – LINK By Dr. Joe Webb on April 23rd, 2015 What people experience based on the time they were born shapes their outlook Read more about The Generational Change in Print Business Leadership[…]

Gifpop! A Company Printing Lenticular GIFS

Ever wanted a Printed GIF image? So you can paste it on your fridge, or gift a friend? It is now a reality through this Kickstarter funded campaign turned company – GIFPOP.  Their motto – Gifs aren’t just for screens anymore. Gifpop brings animated gifs to life with the magic of lenticular printing This project intends to Read more about Gifpop! A Company Printing Lenticular GIFS[…]

Two Sides Introduces Myth-Busting Infographic

CHICAGO—April 17, 2015—Two Sides North America announces the release of an engaging infographic that presents key facts about the relationship between paper and sustainable forestry, and encourages people to share it in celebration of Earth Day (April 22, 2015). The wise use of the world’s forests is critical to our survival and a healthy environment.  Forests are Read more about Two Sides Introduces Myth-Busting Infographic[…]

Hillvetica, The Hillary Clinton Typeface

I think this very well may be the first political post here on InkOnDaPaper.  With Hillvetica, don’t worry, we are not about to get preachy. Hillary Clinton announced her run for presidency on Sunday and her logo was an instant sensation.  A blue H connected by a red arrow.  Pretty bold and expected move by Hillary Read more about Hillvetica, The Hillary Clinton Typeface[…]

Is print the secret weapon for luxury brands?

LONDON — Tess Macleod Smith, vice president of publishing and media at Net-a-Porter, peers through her iPhone 6 to look at a picture of Cate Blanchett on the cover of the winter edition. She is demonstrating the unique shoppable content available through Porter, launched globally with much fanfare as a bimonthly glossy magazine by the Read more about Is print the secret weapon for luxury brands?[…]

Why Traditional Printing is Still Important

Had to share this post from Lee Traupel. I also believe their is a place for traditional printing. Digital might be the glamorous, but people still enjoy print. I know I enjoy reading paper books instead of on my iPad.  Source: We all fall in love with the latest and greatest technology, tools and digital marketing Read more about Why Traditional Printing is Still Important[…]

Creating Content for Print Publications & Digital

Is your website really generating as many engagements as possible? Even if you’re confident in your approach to SEO, content, UI, and social media, there is still a key area of value that few brands ever fully use. Print publications are making a healthy rebound as communications directors recognize the impact that magazines, catalogs, and Read more about Creating Content for Print Publications & Digital[…]