Gifpop! A Company Printing Lenticular GIFS

Ever wanted a Printed GIF image? So you can paste it on your fridge, or gift a friend? It is now a reality through this Kickstarter funded campaign turned company – GIFPOP.  Their motto – Gifs aren’t just for screens anymore. Gifpop brings animated gifs to life with the magic of lenticular printing This project intends to […]

Why Traditional Printing is Still Important

Had to share this post from Lee Traupel. I also believe their is a place for traditional printing. Digital might be the glamorous, but people still enjoy print. I know I enjoy reading paper books instead of on my iPad.  Source: We all fall in love with the latest and greatest technology, tools and digital marketing […]

The Joy of Work

What a great quick story to read on a friday.  Have a great weekend fellow printheads!   The Joy of Work. The thinking behind a food franchise is that a meal in one location should be identical to that same chain in a different location. At Dunkin’ Donuts, then, a cup of coffee is a cup […]