Amazing Inks – The Incredible Inks of Espionage

Happy Friday!  Today’s post – Amazing Inks – was shared from one of our readers.  You can read the original much cooler looking article here ~Source: Collins Inkjet – Amazing Inks   Throughout history, amazing inks have helped the clandestine communicate more effectively and with fewer risks. Used by governments, businesses and discreet individuals, these amazing Read more about Amazing Inks – The Incredible Inks of Espionage[…]

Why junk mail is effective

You may hate junk mail, but research says it works anyways. People may pass by billboards with their heads pointed elsewhere, click through video ads with mild annoyance and hit the mute button during TV commercials. But they still enjoy reading business-fueled snail mail. Direct mail evokes more emotion and remains one of the best ways to target local Read more about Why junk mail is effective[…]

Custom Printed Fabric by Spoonflower

If you are a regular follower, you will know that InkOnDaPaper loves to look back and see how far the printing industry has come over the years.  A look back at the processes that became how we lay ink on substrates today fascinates and drives us.  Custom printed fabric is becoming common in the marketplace but Read more about Custom Printed Fabric by Spoonflower[…]

Print is Novel in Digital Era

For the 52nd year, GDUSA has conducted a reader survey about print design. When print was the dominant medium for graphic designers, our surveys split hairs: lots of detailed questions and analysis of projects, presses, papers, specification practices. In 2015, print is far from the only game in town and this survey focuses on the fundamentals Read more about Print is Novel in Digital Era[…]

How Printing Ink is Made

Let’s start this monday with a bit of knowledge on how printing ink is made.  No surprise we here at InkOnDaPaper LOVE printing ink. Get Ready for the best video walk through we have found on how printing ink is made. “A Chief Ink Maker shows how color and ink is created from the raw ingredients–powder, varnish, Read more about How Printing Ink is Made[…]

Digital Printing-What is it good for?

Digital printing has really taken off in the last decade from the original Indigo digital press to the new high speed digital inkjet web presses of today. Frequently with my customers the question comes up, when is digital printing most effective and when should I move to offset printing or web printing? I believe this Read more about Digital Printing-What is it good for?[…]

Direct Mail Has a Greater Effect

Direct Mail Has a Greater Effect on Purchase Than Digital Ads A Temple University neuromarketing study finds that direct mail tops digital media for engagement time, recall, and ultimate purchase. An in-depth neuroscientific study sponsored by the Postal Service Inspector General’s office (OIG) found direct mail ads to be superior to those viewed online in eight Read more about Direct Mail Has a Greater Effect[…]