Zero Waste Packaging

When I first saw these packaging concepts I knew I had to share them here.  Zero waste packaging.  By printing on the actual product these designs have molded packaging and product to create both a retail presence and zero waste after your last use.

Aaron Mickelson developed 5 different concepts that explore the idea of packages that produce no waste at all as part of his masters thesis at Pratt Institute.

“They all follow a basic rule: When you’re done with the product, there’s no package left to throw away. Obviously none of these solutions are perfect, but that’s not what they were meant to be. Ideas like The Disappearing Package are the beginning of a conversation—one that will hopefully end in a world without packaging waste.” 

Here are a few of the zero waste packaging concepts:

Good to the last bag Trash Bags –





Water Soluble Soap Boxes




Tide Pods


In an eco-friendly world where shoppers bringing their own bags to the supermarket is more and more prevalent, do you think these could help minimize our imprint as well?  I think if anything it would certainly help cut down on the amount of trash your home produces.

Feel free to click the link below to see all the concepts.  Do you have a favorite of these zero waste packaging design concepts?  Or have you designed something similar?  We would love to hear about it in the comments section.

~Source: The DieLine

2 thoughts on “Zero Waste Packaging

  1. This is a great article! We love these zero waste packaging ideas over here at Ross Printing because we are all about producing as little waste as possible in order to stay green! My favorite design concept from a marketing and printing viewpoint is probably the Glad bag because it is a simple print, and the producer gets good marketing when its product is almost out with the consumer.

  2. Interesting concepts, indeed! I think that this is just the beginning of our waste free environment! More and more people see that our waste management system is not functioning properly and that the only way is to take responsibility for our own waste! That’s a small step for the man and a giant leap for the mankind and environment as well!

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