Printed Houses for Disaster Relief

What the heck is that?!?!  Sure doesn’t seem print related….but wait….this is the worlds largest 3D printer.  Designed for producing printed houses.

The design team at WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) will unveil what is being billed as the world’s largest 3D printer on Friday in Rieti, Italy. Dubbed the “Big Delta,” this enormous device stands roughly 40 feet tall with a 20 foot diameter. But despite its size, the Big Delta is extremely efficient and uses only 100 watts of power. Its over-sized design allows the Big Delta to quickly and easily print low-cost disaster-relief housing. What’s more, it can do so using locally-sourced materials (read: dirt and mud) which also acts to minimize construction costs. The WASP team also foresees employing this printer for non-disaster-related home building. According to a company release, the Big Delta help accommodate the estimated 4 billion people worldwide that will lack adequate housing by 2030.

How world-changing could this thing be?  Utilizing local materials it will create stacks of printed houses with under 100 watts of power!

Check  it out on a smaller scale here

A quick aerial shot of the build

A quick video of similar technology in China

What do you think of this new application for 3D Printing, utilizing it to create printed houses?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

~Source: Read more about WASP HERE

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