Take A Sip of the PRINTED Latte

Confused right?  Not for long.  Simply put, Lets Caffe is a Taiwanese coffee chain that will print any image you want on the top of your foam, giving you a printed latte.  Just when you thought your local barista was getting good at the fancy designs,

This chain is changing up the way they serve coffee by adding printed faces.  Don’t believe us?!

The possibilities with this technology could be endless…so naturally things progressed into pictures of people and their cats

Customers have to submit photos of themselves and the image goes into the coffee machine that reproduces the photo beautifully with coffee or cocoa powder. Lets Caffe introduced this innovative coffee printer in a bid to attract customers from big chain coffee houses.

This might be a tad too narcissistic for some people’s morning cup but it’s definitely a fun twist on traditional latte art. And it’s a great way to attract customers!

For the full video walk through – You can click on the image below

What do you think?  Can you see yourself enjoying a printed latte?  Should this technology hop a boat ride to the United States?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on the printed latte below.

~Source: PSFK.com

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