Fascinating Business Cards of 10 Famous People

Business cards may be slowly replaced by Facebook and LinkedIn but in this day and age the card can still say a lot about you.  From Zuckerberg and Gates, through honest Abe you may be surprised at the cards of the elite.  Some are comical, some creative, and others just plain boring. Personally, I think the CEO of Facebook has a card that instantly makes you want to google it’s authenticity.

Mark Zuckerberg (for the full story click Here)

Illinois Finest – Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Business Card

Albert Einstein

Walt Disney

Walt Disney Business Card

Steve Martin (instead of signing autographs, he would just hand out his business card)

Harry Houdini

The Wright Brothers – before things “took off”

Andy Warhol

William Gates

And Steve Jobs

So what do you think of the business cards from the Elite?  I have to admit, Warhol’s was what I had anticipated but I certainly didn’t expect such a cool card out of Houdini!  To see 10 more business cards from the elite feel free to read the entire article from  written for Flavorwire HERE

Do you know of any famous cards we may have missed? We’d love to hear about it below in the comments section!


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