Do you believe this?

WHY THE PRINTED BOOK WILL LAST ANOTHER 500 YEARS It’s always an intellectual mistake to assume that the thing you love the most might be the exception. I remember listening to a public-radio conversation a few years ago in which two people debated the necessity and romance of record stores (a very large and storied […]

Poop Paper – Paper Made From an Unusual Source

Poop Paper?!?!?! Plant fibers (typically from trees) are the usual base material used in making pulp for paper production. However those plant fibers don’t have to come unprocessed directly from the plant. The fibers can actually be gathered after being processed by certain animals and delivered for paper-making in their poop. Paper products can be […]

Handcrafted Bookmaking – Literary Beauty

Chad Pastotnik’s alchemy is half art, half toil.  Bookmaking is his life. The fine-bookmaker must baby ancient machines, negotiate literary translations, conduct workshops, and fulfill international speaking engagements. In a recent blog, Pastotnik, who runs Deep Wood Press out of his home in the woods near Mancelona, wrote: “Sometimes running a business and being an artist […]