Attention-Grabbing Direct Mail

This was a really good article I came across especially if you are looking for ways to improve response for your direct mail programs. Have a look and as always we love to hear your comments. Attention-Grabbing Direct Mail Think back to past decades. Everything was oversized. MC Hammer was famous for his big pants. Read more about Attention-Grabbing Direct Mail[…]

Reminisce This Holiday With the Sears Catalog

Last night I was catching up on a few missed episodes of Jimmy Fallon and during one interview he stopped to reminisce about the Sears and J.C. Penney catalogs of his childhood.  How he would “fold over corners of the pages of things that they wanted.”  Leaving these catalogs around the house with folded pages Read more about Reminisce This Holiday With the Sears Catalog[…]

Four Color Process is All Around You!

Most who read this blog will understand what the term “Four Color Process” means.  This essential staple in the printing process is how a printing press uses a few base colors to create almost all colors imaginable.  Four Color Process involves the utilization of 4 ink colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.  Better known Read more about Four Color Process is All Around You![…]

Clever use of Printed Advertising

Instead of an instructional video on a Monday morning, the Team at InkOnDaPaper figures that pictures might be easier on the brain. Here are a few clever uses of printed advertising.  Ink on paper in some of it’s finest moments. In small format, the creativity can shine through just the same. Even with the emergence of Read more about Clever use of Printed Advertising[…]

Do you believe this?

WHY THE PRINTED BOOK WILL LAST ANOTHER 500 YEARS It’s always an intellectual mistake to assume that the thing you love the most might be the exception. I remember listening to a public-radio conversation a few years ago in which two people debated the necessity and romance of record stores (a very large and storied Read more about Do you believe this?[…]

Poop Paper – Paper Made From an Unusual Source

Poop Paper?!?!?! Plant fibers (typically from trees) are the usual base material used in making pulp for paper production. However those plant fibers don’t have to come unprocessed directly from the plant. The fibers can actually be gathered after being processed by certain animals and delivered for paper-making in their poop. Paper products can be Read more about Poop Paper – Paper Made From an Unusual Source[…]

Why Direct Mail Is Still a Viable Marketing Tactic

We’ve always known that Canada produces delicious food, from maple syrup to poutine, and hilarious comedians, from John Candy to Mike Myers. Now, our friends to the north have made another important contribution, this time to the world of modern marketing. A new study commissioned by Canada Post explored how direct mail factors into the Read more about Why Direct Mail Is Still a Viable Marketing Tactic[…]

10 Unusual Printing Facts

Printing has become a part of our daily lives. We use them for printing our most cherished  photos, reports to keep our clients happy, and term papers that we stayed up all night writing. Today’s post highlights 10 of the coolest, most interesting facts about printers, and how they’ve changed and are continuing to alter Read more about 10 Unusual Printing Facts[…]

Handcrafted Bookmaking – Literary Beauty

Chad Pastotnik’s alchemy is half art, half toil.  Bookmaking is his life. The fine-bookmaker must baby ancient machines, negotiate literary translations, conduct workshops, and fulfill international speaking engagements. In a recent blog, Pastotnik, who runs Deep Wood Press out of his home in the woods near Mancelona, wrote: “Sometimes running a business and being an artist Read more about Handcrafted Bookmaking – Literary Beauty[…]

Inside a 130-year-old Michigan Book Printing House

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A 130-year-old Grand Rapids book publisher has a new owner. Blackford Capital, a Grand Rapids-based private equity firm has bought Dickinson Press, a full service book printing services provider. Founded in 1884, Dickinson has a niche religious printing segment. Geography might be a factor in the company’s longevity, with more than Read more about Inside a 130-year-old Michigan Book Printing House[…]