Direct Mail Reborn?

B2B Marketers Integrate More Physical Mail With Digital Channels Traditional direct mail is still an important means of communication among B2B marketers, and industry experts are seeing signs of its resurgence as a lead gen tool. This is due to marketers seeing better response rates to mail pieces, and leveraging it with other channels and Read more about Direct Mail Reborn?[…]

Epson’s In-Office Recycling Machine

In Late December Epson launched a new in-office recycling machine and we are just bummed it took us a month to tell about it! Epson Debuts World’s First Paper Recycling Machine For Your Office A new paper-making machine from Japan promises to revolutionize how offices recycle. Instead of sending away millions of pages to be Read more about Epson’s In-Office Recycling Machine[…]

Is Print a Good Option?

Good Monday morning! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Interesting read I wanted to share about print and why you should be using it in your content marketing strategy. Take a look. Is Print a Good Option for Your Content Marketing Strategy? Here’s a crazy, old school idea: Should you consider creating a print publication Read more about Is Print a Good Option?[…]

3D Print Your Face on a LEGO

Ever wanted a LEGO built to your likeness?  Well now we are one step closer thanks to this ETSY shop where you 3D Print Your Face onto your favorite childhood toy.  For a small fee they will 3D print your face and create you the ultimate LEGO accessory – bringing one or all of your LEGO community one step Read more about 3D Print Your Face on a LEGO[…]

2016 USPS Promotions and Incentives

As we enter 2016 more and more companies are looking to utilize multi-channel campaigns. These campaigns integrated both print and digital communications to help drive a better response and ROI. One of the single most expensive area in a direct mail campaign is the postage costs. Now the USPS has been providing promotions that allow Read more about 2016 USPS Promotions and Incentives[…]

The State of Variable Data Printing

The state of the industry for variable data printing (VDP) is strong. InfoTrends monitors the VDP marketplace in three ways: Retail sales of software to end users. Retail sales by company type (commercial vs. in-plant printers). The retail value of VDP products (sold to print customers). While sales of VDP software has peaked, the opportunity Read more about The State of Variable Data Printing[…]

The Future of the Printing Industry – Part 1

Ripped straight from a fellow Print blogger – Terry Corman of Firehouse.  This is a great article on the future of the printing industry. Come back or go to Firehouse for the remaining parts of the series. It’s pretty brazen for a small player like me to take a stab at predicting the future of Read more about The Future of the Printing Industry – Part 1[…]

Print plays an important role in multi-channel marketing

Print-based direct marketing is growing which is providing a huge opportunity for digital print. According to InfoTrends’ study Direct Marketing Production Printing & Value-Added Services: A strategy for growth, marketers are realizing print plays an important role in a multi-channel marketing world. This study provides strategy and business development support to help vendors, print service providers, Read more about Print plays an important role in multi-channel marketing[…]