G7 ‘Button’ Closer to Reality

Introduced in January, 2016, the G7 Press Control System Certification Program from Idealliance (Booth 1009) validates a press control system’s ability to monitor and control G7 gray balance and tonality in real time. Certified G7 Press Control Systems allow print service providers to fully realize the benefits of the G7 methodology in their daily print Read more about G7 ‘Button’ Closer to Reality[…]

What to see at Graph Expo

Orlando, FL – GRAPH EXPO 16, the Americas’ premier graphic communications industry event which runs through Wednesday, September 28, opens its doors today in the Orange County Convention Center-North in Orlando, Florida.  Attendees will find hundreds of top industry suppliers, dynamic show floor features, more than 40 co-located events, and a comprehensive slate of educational Read more about What to see at Graph Expo[…]

A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color

The competition for your audiences’ attention has risen to a fever pitch. They are overwhelmed, bombarded with more-more-more, with less and less impact. What we create needs to make a powerful impression to elevate itself from the endless churn of communication. But, how? Introducing A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color, an ambitious and Read more about A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color[…]

Think Direct Mail Marketing Is Dead? Not For Millennials

The rise of digital channels has forced financial institutions to radically rethink their marketing strategies. While digital media have proven effective — no doubt — that doesn’t mean other traditional means of marketing no longer work. In fact, the opposite is true, particularly when it comes to direct mail. Direct mail still resonates with every Read more about Think Direct Mail Marketing Is Dead? Not For Millennials[…]

Mohawk Continues to Expand Wide Format Inkjet Portfolio

Mohawk continues to expand its wide format inkjet portfolio to meet the needs of the growing display graphics market. Mohawk will introduce the new wide format inkjet products at the 2016 SGIA Expo (booth 1597), September 14-16, in Las Vegas. Mohawk introduces a total of six new products to expand its Wide Format Inkjet portfolio, including Read more about Mohawk Continues to Expand Wide Format Inkjet Portfolio[…]


Since the start of the environmental movement, companies have been on the hunt for sustainable business solutions. Some have chosen to create energy-efficient products, while others set up shop in buildings with LEED certification, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Packaging has become one more viable option, allowing businesses to limit their carbon footprint Read more about PACKAGING ALTERNATIVES[…]

Printing Movies. Well, Print found in Movies.

Printing in the movies  Whenever I watch a movie or TV show that includes scenes of a topic, like printing, that I think I know something about, I’m often amazed at how it’s portrayed and somewhat distorted through the director’s vision. It’s likely that people who aren’t familiar with the profession accept what is presented Read more about Printing Movies. Well, Print found in Movies.[…]

The Drinkable Book – A Book Changing Lives for the Better

Now here is a book that changes lives.  Almost instantly.  This book The Drinkable Book™ A book You don’t want to put down!  In partnership with Dr. Theresa Dankovich from Carnegie Mellon, WATERisLIFE introduced The Drinkable Book™, the first-ever manual that provides safe water, sanitation and hygiene education and serves as a tool to kill Read more about The Drinkable Book – A Book Changing Lives for the Better[…]

Sappi Off Register: Kevin Picks the President

MIDDAY Video break – becoming a bit more relevant as the election nears. The Off Register team at SAPPI is at it again.  Enjoy! In this election-inspired episode, the plant is printing the official campaign poster for one of the candidates. However, the designer responsible for signing off on the poster has a bite that’s Read more about Sappi Off Register: Kevin Picks the President[…]