Pizza Hut built turntables into a pizza box

pizza box

Pizza Hut is following in the international pizza chain tradition of including tech-infused features along with its sub-par pies (don’t @ me), but its newest product may be the best one yet. The company’s UK division has built a working turntable into a pizza box.

The DJ pizza box was created in partnership with Novalia and uses printed electronics for the controls. It features pitch and volume controls, a fully functioning mixer, and you can even scratch on the printed turntable. The box can pair over Bluetooth with your smartphone or laptop and sync with DJ software like Serato. Of course you won’t be able to fully DJ a party with this (or at least you shouldn’t), but you’ll likely never get a better pizza box than this one.

Pizza Hut says it’s giving away five DJ pizza boxes across the UK, and details will be revealed on its official Twitter feed.


~Source: TheVerge

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