32 Creepy and Creative Halloween Ads

A powerful advertisement campaign can play a major role to pass the message to the consumers and it has a drastic effect when created for greeting the consumers at times of special occasions. Halloween is no different Guys and Ghouls. Like Frankienstien’s monster, it isn’t hard to make a seasonal ad, but it is hard Read more about 32 Creepy and Creative Halloween Ads[…]

The Entire History of Printed Baseball Cards

Can you tell we have a theme here at InkOnDaPaper this week?  Printed playing cards originated in Baseball and the story may date back much farther than you might realize.  A quick history of printed baseball cards: The Earliest Days: (1840s-1867) In the period before and just after the American Civil War, baseball became an Read more about The Entire History of Printed Baseball Cards[…]

Vintage Cubs Memorabilia & Logo Designs

Since we are rooting for the Cubs in the World Series how about some background on the Cubs logo design. Source: www.printmag.com//branding/vintage-cubs-memorabilia-logo-design/ As a former Chicago resident who lived within two blocks of Wrigley Field, I have to admit my bias here. Who would have thought the Cubs could be headed to the series for the Read more about Vintage Cubs Memorabilia & Logo Designs[…]

Common print layout mistakes to avoid

Sometimes the world of print layouts may seem strange and unfamiliar. Whether you’re creating business cards, postcards, wedding stationery, posters or flyers, avoiding common print blunders is easy when you know how. Here’s our run down of the top three most overlooked aspects when setting up files for print, and how you can easily avoid Read more about Common print layout mistakes to avoid[…]

Americans Still Love Libraries, Especially the Books

More than half of all Americans 16 and over used a public library in the past year, either in person or via the the Web, according to a survey report on library use released this week by the Pew Research Center. The survey also found that Americans continue to view public libraries as vital to Read more about Americans Still Love Libraries, Especially the Books[…]

Direct Mail Campaigns for the Holidays

Direct Mail Campaigns Can Drive Holiday Sales Growing businesses need solutions to gain traction amid heavy competition, and direct marketing campaigns can provide a marketing win that could help your business stand out. With today’s focus on email marketing, it can be easy to overlook the power of direct mail. But think about your own Read more about Direct Mail Campaigns for the Holidays[…]


HELP PRINT TREND THE PLANET! JOIN US FOR #IPD16 ON OCTOBER 19, 2016 Declare Your LOVE for Print and Participate in 24-Hours of Open Global Knowledge Sharing Through Social Media!  This year our International Print Day theme is #PrintSmart and relates to sharing education and resources for learning about how FABULOUS print has become in the digital age. #PrintSmart also relates to Read more about INTERNATIONAL PRINT DAY[…]

Postal Service Reveals Proposal to PRC

WASHINGTON, D.C.,  — October 13, 2016 — The United States Postal Service has filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of price changes for Mailing Services products planning to take effect in January 2017. The proposal includes a two cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp, returning the price to Read more about Postal Service Reveals Proposal to PRC[…]

The Printed Picture by Richard Benson

  Like many photographers these days, I have essentially no darkroom experience. I started out shooting Kodachrome 64. Those little yellow boxes of gem-like slides appeared a week or two after being dropped off for processing, and if you told me they were developed and mounted by elves, I couldn’t contradict you. The whole process Read more about The Printed Picture by Richard Benson[…]