32 Creepy and Creative Halloween Ads

A powerful advertisement campaign can play a major role to pass the message to the consumers and it has a drastic effect when created for greeting the consumers at times of special occasions. Halloween is no different Guys and Ghouls.

Like Frankienstien’s monster, it isn’t hard to make a seasonal ad, but it is hard to make a good one.  

Here are 32 great examples of creative halloween ads

Heineken Halloween Night Series

Dracula Heineken Halloween Nightwolfman Heineken Halloween Nightheineken-halloween-night-drinking the mummyheineken-halloween-night-frankheineken-halloween-night-headheineken-halloween-night-manhalloween_hand-1.jpg

and finally from Heineken?… An absolut excellent way to bring a series together about a night out on the tiles.


Miller Lite


White Night Condoms.

For when things go bump in the night…White Night Condoms

Guinness remains as one of the kings of creative advertising. Be it on television, billboards or magazine prints. Halloween is no different.

00371Guiness-vampire-enjoy-print-adguinness-halloweenguinness reveal your dark sideguinness halloween 2011halloween-ad2-guinness-beer

Burger King

burger kingburger-king-veg-city-halloween

Pizza Hut

…I have no idea what can cost $86 at Pizza Hut, but guessing from the timing of the ad, I’m guessing this is a party pizza. A excellent way to advertise food. The product becoming the connection to the seasonal holiday. In this case a cheesy mask (Get it?…GET IT?… Sorry…that was terrible).pizza hut Halloween


best halloween ads 40mms-halloween-spider-small-17360best halloween ads 43mms-halloween-pumpkin-small-38694


halloween-ad4-McDonalds-Ghost.jpg6255.jpg mcdonalds-halloween-small-29430

Automotive ads

STP (Motor-Oil Company) – Happy Halloween


Volkswagen Beetle – Trick or treat?

Volkswagen Beetle – Trick or treat?

Best of the BEST

San Francisco Zoo




Universal Studios


Do you have a favorite halloween Ad?  Perhaps it isn’t above?  Send it to us in the comments section below!

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