KitKat is latest brand to embrace personalization.

KitKat is set to give away more than 55,000 printed personalized packs featuring photos and names of competition-winners. The promotion launches on 1 February From 1 February, promotional packs featuring a unique code, which can be submitted to the KitKat website to discover whether the person has won a personalised pack, will go on sale. Read more about KitKat is latest brand to embrace personalization.[…]

Color-changing inks for money and fashion

Color-changing Inks that adapt to their environment are not the stuff of science fiction anymore. Thermochromic inks, sensing inks and inks that react to changes in CO2-concentration are being invented by scientists around the world. Two recent examples of this new field are color-changing inks by designer Lauren Bowker and humidity-sensing inks perfected by a Read more about Color-changing inks for money and fashion[…]

Print Drives America

NEW YORK — January 24, 2017 — Printing Industries Alliance has announced the formation of the Print Drives America Foundation. Marty Maloney, the Executive Vice President of the Printing Industries Alliance, will take on the additional role of Executive Director of the Print Drives America Foundation. Tim Freeman, President of the Printing Industries Alliance, gave Read more about Print Drives America[…]

Pad Printing Technology is Everywhere!

Did you know that many of the colorful and interesting icons and graphics that make up our daily experience are created with pad printing technology? With pad printing, it is easy to add fun graphics and colorful art to almost any object including your own body! See for yourself. You might start the day off Read more about Pad Printing Technology is Everywhere![…]

Direct Mail 2.0

Beginning March 1st a new United States Postal Service (USPS) Discount program lets all US-based direct mail companies qualify for up to 5% off their clients’ postage costs when they sign on to integrate their clients’ campaigns with Google ads using DirectMail2.0. DirectMail2.0, a white-label software available to US-based direct mail companies has been approved Read more about Direct Mail 2.0[…]

Neenah Packaging: Creating a System for Designers

Before Neenah Packaging could unveil its new Luxury Box Wrap papers with designers and brand managers, it first needed a way to present the immense collection, and highlight the extensive customization that is the cornerstone of this portfolio. Washington DC-based Design Army, the creators of some of Neenah Packaging’s most popular promotions including the Character Read more about Neenah Packaging: Creating a System for Designers[…]